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After 5 1/2 weeks and $4.500.00 MICHIGAN MOTOR EXCHANGE provided me with 10W-30 coolant and various problems. After having my vehicle for the third time, they said the oil was rust and that my engine sounded and ran fine.

Noise? What noise? Hesitation? What do you expect from a 2.8L?

This is warranty repair? This is their idea of customer satisfaction? [Their number one goal] After being completely ignored for many many weeks, my first offers came after contact by the BBB and with the State of Michigan standing at their desk...eight months later. I would not recommend their services.

A partial refund was being offered with the provision that I sign a HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT, which included not telling this story. Their terms or no terms. Money for silence but not a dime for the defective product and the eight months + of inconvenience this has caused for me and my family. Is that customer satisfaction?

I only have the one vehicle and have been trapped in the neighborhood for the most part. With car rental fees and all, this has cost me in excess of $8,000.00 and counting...with the oil and coolant I have to replenish on a regular basis.

Having my engine rebuilt by MME has changed my life...for the worse!

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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Detroit, Michigan, United States #691362

This customer is responsable for most of the $24,000 in claims because he keeps posting the same complaint under differnt identities. He has an engine that is under warranty with a fixable problem but dispite pleading with him to let us fix it for him he would rather slander our company and attempt to black mail us into a full refund.

The State of Michigan Bureau of Automotive regulations thinks he is unreasonalbe. The bottom line is that HE decided to put $4,500 into a truck with little to no book value and wishes he could respend his money on another vehicle rather than fix the truck.

Our 68 year history in serving metro Detroit with their engine needs is outstanding. But as the saying goes you can't please all of the people all of the time and this is certainly one of those cases.

to Chris #697200

I have been posting complaints against Michigan Motor Exchange under the name 1985 GMC, Robert or Bob. Not all of the complaints on these sites come from me.

To make it perfectly clear, my claim is for $4,500. The $24,000 figure comes from the site that adds these things up. That figure does not come from me. It does not matter what year my vehicle is, what size engine it has or whatever the book value may be.

If I were to receive a full refund from Michigan Motor Exchange, it would be my business as to how I reinvested that money. I am in desperate need of an operational vehicle and I'm sure my refund would help remedy that situation. I am not slandering this company with the truth. I am within my rights to ask for a full refund and dislike being called a blackmailer.

They are making it sound as though I just changed my mind and started all this activity because I wish to re-spend my investment. That is pure B.S. FACT: Michigan Motor Exchange had no reservations about doing work on my vehicle. FACT: They gave me the decades in business sales pitch and GUARANTEED quality service and satisfaction.

FACT: They were happy to take my money,$4,500. FACT: They delivered a defective product. FACT: They had my vehicle twice more and still delivered a defective product. FACT: After having my vehicle three times and in front of a witness, told me that my engine sounded and ran fine and that they could do no more.

FACT: I had contamination of oil/coolant when this was told to me. FACT: No attempts were made to remedy any situation and no offers were made until eight months later, when the BBB and the State of Michigan became involved. FACT: Even at that point in time, my engine had been contaminated for eight months. FACT: This defective engine has cost me a few thousand dollars more with rentals and other incidentals such as oil and coolant.

SPECULATION: They had my money. They were tired of playing around with my vehicle and wanted to move on. They have been in business for decades and they do know every trick in the book. No slander intended.

They know what to tell the State of Michigan and how to make it sound as if any offer was a good faith gesture. I am the bad guy. I am the slanderer. I am the blackmailer.

I am unreasonable. FACT: I was offered $3,000 not to tell my story, drive to Detroit and sign a Hold Harmless Agreement. I refused and opted for the full refund. FACT: I'm $10,000 in the hole because of this mess and it has caused considerable hardship to me and my family.

FACT: I would not recommend the services of Michigan Motor Exchange! The readers of this complaint can view both sides of this and make their own decisions.


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